Now that Wine Store is up and running, it’s time to think of strategies for tapping into the groundswell. A good method to achieve this is the 4-step process known as POST.  POST is an acronym for People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology, and is a foundation for building a social media marketing strategy.  The following document outlines each section and makes a recommendation for Wine Store (Li & Bernoff, 2011).


                                                                                                                                           (Forrester, 2017)


The target market for Wine Store was determined as millennials aged 18-29 because they showed the largest percentage increase in preference for wine between 1992-1994 vs 2012-2013.  The book Groundswell explains that using Social Technographic Profiles allows creators to tap into the most effective area of online activity (Forrester, 2017).  This knowledge will determine our objective.


There are 5 standard objectives to select from, namely, 1) Listening, 2) Talking, 3) Energizing, 4) Supporting, and 5) Embracing, and it is advised to choose only one.  When referring to the target market established above, Talking is the most logical objective because the main social behavior is passive (reading, listening, watching.)  Listening and Energizing were eliminated as choices because this group does not often post ratings, reviews, and comments, nor do they commonly upload or contribute to content.  Supporting was eliminated as a choice for Wine Store at this time because any support that would be provided to the business’s clientele would be group-related as opposed to one-on-one questions, and this would be best-served under the Talking objective.  Embracing was eliminated simply because it is a more complex initiative, and not advised for an initial effort.  To recap, the chosen initiative will be Talking.


As Wine Store is a small, specialty establishment, its main goal is to develop a loyal following of customers, and for its customers to engage more with the business.  This may be achieved by educating customers about various types of wine, wine regions, or food pairings.  This would hopefully instill newly-found curiosity and passion for the product.  Customers would be encouraged to join Wine Store’s exclusive Wine Club, which provides purchase discounts and special offers.


In order for Wine Store to share information about its products, it would be best to develop a blog.  As stated earlier, this blog would provide customers with education and insight into the complex world of wine.  In addition, it would encourage its followers to share this blog via Facebook or Twitter.

In summary, it is recommended that Wine Store’s owner develop an informative blog directed to its joiner and spectator millennial target population.  The initiative will be evaluated for its success every 3-6 months, and revised as necessary.




Forrester. (2017, 03 12). The customer-obsessed blueprint. Retrieved from Forrester:

Li, C., & Bernoff, J. (2011). Groundswell, Winning in a world transformed by social technologies (Vol. 2). Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Harvard Business School Publishing.



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