This week’s blog is about how to use social media in the most effective way by identifying a target market and then using a Social Technographic Profile to help make the right platform (Li, Bernoff, 2011).  I will apply this strategy to my industry of choice, and of course… it will be about wine connoisseurs.

The first thing I have done is a little research on demographics of the most growing profiles in the industry.  As seen in Figure 1, the millennials have taken up interest in wine consumption while gen Xers have been declining (Gallup Poll, 2013).  With the information provided, I have chosen millennials to target and now I will figure out in what way?

Figure 1


From the book Groundswell, chapter three explains that using Social Technographic Profiles, allows creator to tap into the most effective area of online activity.  The backbone of the profiling tool is called the Social Technographic Ladder (Li, Bernoff, 2011).  The ladder consists of 7 labeled steps that show different ways consumers use social media.  Figure 2 shows how each step represents a group of consumers and their most common practices (Forrester, 2011).

Figure 2


Forrester once had a free tool available to enter data into but lately has become unavailable.  It is now only included in their packages for a price undetermined.  In Figure 3 below, a snapshot of the Forrester tool with a similar age selection as my target market shows the majority of users are Joiners or Spectators.  Keep in mind, if I had access to the Technographic tool, this data would show a more current sample and probably have increased numbers overall.  Especially in the “Creators step”.  But for this purpose, it will serve as a good example (Forrester, 2017).

The data in figure 3 would give me insight on how to involve the end users in my new social media platform.  So, If I were to move forward with design and development, I would be inclined to cater to the Spectators and Joiners as more effective measures of social media.  This was interesting to me and thought I would share it with you. Cheers everybody.

Figure 3





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